Najwa White Spa Shampoo




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NAJWA White Spa Shampoo

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NAJWA White Spa Shampoo is Scientifically formulated using natural active ingredients for healthy hair & scalp whilst giving you a Natural Relaxing Hair SPA Treat

Enriched with Natural Active Ingredients:

  • Cala Lily Extract(Lilium Candidum) : Soften hair while giving a natural relaxing SPA treatment.
  • Promegranate Extract: Reduces excess oil on scalp & hair.
  • Chamomile Herb: Natural antioxidant agent for hair to reduce aging process and conditions hair to be more healthy and manageable.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10: Repairs and stimulates growth of new and healthy hair.
  • Multivitamins: Nourishes hair with vitamins needed by scalp and hair for optimum health and beauty.
  • UVA & UVB: Protects hair from dangerous sun UV rays that causes hair damage.


Mild & gentle pH for healthy hair

100% Soap Free Natural

Suitable use for all hair type

Endorsed HALAL by JAKIM

Use Najwa White Spa Shampoo for clean, manageable, beautiful, and silky soft hair & with great confidence all day long

Guide for use: For Best Results, massage  shampoo your scalp and hair for  about  2-3 min so  Syampu White Spa Najwa can work effectively for your hair.