Litna Sea Cool Flavor Toothpaste 150g



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Product Description

Litna Sea Cool Herbal Toothpaste is an excellent way to effectively remove stains from your teeth when used regularly. If you have sensitive gums or teeth you may want to try it once and feel the wonders it does to you! Research has proven that Sea Salt is the best teeth whitener and keeps the gums healthy. It also kills bacteria and refreshes your breath. LITNA ensures the use of carefully selected and highest quality grade of natural Sea Salt and other hand picked natural herbal extracts that helps to boost your oral hygiene and health. Brush your teeth daily with LITNA Sea Cool with Salt for a dazzling white smile. It would also enhance the brilliance of your teeth and leave your mouth with fresh breath all day long! LITNA Sea Cool with Salt Herbal Toothpaste is 100% Fluoride Free and Sugar Free. It is suitable for both children and adults.