Litna Papaya Pearl Cream 60g


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Product Description

LITNA Papaya Pearl Cream is formulated using advanced technology to bring you the beauty and radiant youth looking richness. Natural pearl powder is included in this cream to bring you superior benefits whilst giving you fairer and smoother skin. LITNA Papaya Pearl Cream has nourishing protein and it gradually lightens your skin tone, gently restore the youthness and gives you a radiant look all day long. LITNA Papaya Pearl Cream has double sunscreen to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which causes dark skin complexion. The main active ingredient, Pearl nutrient nourishes the skin with protein extracts from natural pearl. The pure Papaya Extract (papein) enhances your skin’s fairness and softness. Use LITNA Papaya Pearl Cream daily to restore your beauty and youthful look.