Gymnema Herbal Capsules 60veggie caps/bottle


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Product Description

Our flagship company Diabetea has now introduced the beneficial powers of Gymnema Sylvestre in new forms of capsules which is equally effective as our earlier Gymnema Herbal Tea yet more convinient & fast for consuming.GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE, an Ayurvedic herb, came to be known as “destroyer of sugar” because, in ancient times, Ayurvedic physicians observed that chewing a few leaves of Gymnema sylvestre suppressed the taste of sugar. It can be safely used for regulating sugar metabolism. You can perform a simple experiment by opening our Gymnema Capsule, swirl the powdered herb in your mouth, then eat something sweet or sugar, you will not be able to taste the sugar.The key component of Gymnema – gymnemic acid – mimics glucose molecules, numbing receptor sites on your tongue. And even better, research shows Gymnema has the similar effect internally, by supporting the normal function of the specialized cells for sugar taste within the intestinal walls.

Gymnema helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal cholesterol levels

Benefits of Gymnema

Gymnema supports health of the pancreas
Gymnema supports healthy beta cells that are responsible for releasing insulin in the pancreas.
Gymnema supports healthy liver function
Gymnema helps to maintain normal serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Gymnema is also a great choice for athletes and weight-conscious individuals.